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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who knew I would be an inspiration to ASP's ???


Please be kind...honesty is the best policy

My facebook posts on Wednesday, June 2nd...

Spent the day yesterday making a Staging happen for today, "Flip this Staging", it should have been called. Then at the hour of loading the truck, I got a call! I was under bid! Contract was not emailed, and I was frantically calling and waiting or I would have to cancel. All for being "the person" to make it happen for them. No one else was supposed to be in contention. Where is the integrity?????

I did not add this little tidbit to the earlier post today- I woke up to finding out properties on Copenhaver Drive in Potomac, MD were having Broker Open events. We needed to take advantage of the property comparison for the value and show the Realtors our property for sale at 9028 Copenhaver Drive, as well.

It was a three-house tour. *** I started by talking to realtor at 7am. and then compiling an e-newsletter to announce to realtors. at 8:30 am I ... See Morewas shopping, had to make cheese board and fruit tray because store had none ready-made. Went to wine store for less expensive and cold wines! Showered, dressed and then went to set up fancy spread! Sped to Capitol Hill. ****no mini-commitment contract printed, no time.

I decided to trust and make the best of the situation. You know-superwoman??? Gave estimate over phone and was assured there was no competition. They were happy someone would take it on in 24 hours. Shook hands and on my way. So much to get done by 3:30 deadline to secure furniture rental...

Jane, this is the first time I didn't get a deposit up front!!!! Arrrggghhh!

Since then I have learned they had called my colleagues as well, with the same line!!! This is my next blog..thanks for your help in my post, all!

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Have you been inconsiderate of other professionals time? We all have a responsibility to others.