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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the beginning

The warehouses where my dream developed!My love of all things beautiful for home began in childhood and then to the Antiques world as an adult. Growing up in Washington County, Maryland beauty and antiques abound. Living a home which is now 150 years old and on the Potomac River, I just loved dreaming and reading my mom's House Beautiful.

In the beginning, I thought I was just a genius..."I thought of a new thing". Boy was I wrong! Who knew this lady out on the west coast was doing this for decades now. I was working for a fabulous company at different locations in the US. I thought that was the best thing I could ever be doing. Setting up vignettes of furniture in wholesale warehouses so that a buyer could invision the product in their home and take ownership. While I was doing the general management duties, I got joy and relaxation in the concept I had brought to the company. Take the furniture and accessories from the stacks and shelves and merchandise it! Wow...sales skyrocketed and the system was born for them. Time goes by and then my talents were expanded to real estate.

Well, I needed to help my daughter and son in law sell their condo in NJ. It sold to the first couple in the house and I thought I was going to be developing some great thing, yeh right!

While working as a Corporate General Manager for the wholesale homefurnishings company my days and nights were consumed with the business and warehouses. I loved it, so I just didn't know what was happening on HGTV. As a matter of fact, I didn't watch anything but CNN and a movie on TV.

Finally, when I left the company after finding the love of my life (more to come on him) I decided to be self-employed again. Lightbulb in the head here! "I will set up houses for sale". Searching the web, I found how late I really was. Well, I needed to be Accredited by this "lady", Barb Schwarz. The journey began and here I am today, beginning yet another new thing for me. Blogging! I will be back often to tell my stories. Get ready...they are sometimes side-splitting.

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Barb Schwarz said...

Honey I am soooo very proud of you for starting this blog! I loved reading your first post! YEAH! I am honored and humbled to even be mentioned in it. You are so very talented and your work speaks for itself! You have so much experience and you are so loveable! Keep up the great work and I know 2010 has amazing things in store for you! Hugs, Barb