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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something Big in Home Staging in Maryland and DC Metro Area From NYC RainCamp

Something big in Home Staging MD and DC Metro Area is just what I mean! I promise to take it UP a NOTCH!

I spent the day in NYC RainCamp, and I have gained a new feeling about what is going to happen. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was given so much information to enable me to offer Staging tips to Realtors in Potomac and all of Montgomery County, MD as well as, all of DC Metro area. My blogging will gain new momentum. I am still coming down from the high.

I wrote my first blog about 2 weeks ago and it stated this could be the start of something big.
I had no idea how my blog will progress. I learned I didn't know a thing! I am so green; and not with envy...oh well, yes green with envy too. I only wish I could be half as good as the panel of bloggers chosen from the attendees right on the spot. Patricia Kennedy, Cindy Jones and Sheldon Neal(click here to see his blog post about NYC RainCamp with photos). It was so encouraging to hear how they are doing it.

Ben, Bob and Brad are so fantastic! I was working on 2 hours sleep and I didn't get the least bit tired all day. The adrenalin they were producing was sooo contagious! Vivian Gilbert and I were making it a round-trip day on Amtrak and we didn't stop talking or even need to sleep. I can't wait to be there at DC Rain Camp in May.

Looking forward to bringing Something Big in Home Staging in Maryland and DC Metro area for Realtors, Owners and Investors.

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